Will Nick Montana Notre Dame be Forever Linked?

Will Nick Montana Notre Dame be Forever Linked?

Nick Montana 2010_2

Will Nick Montana Notre Dame be Forever Linked?

A year ago football fans everywhere held their breath, hoping that Nick Montana Notre Dame would be forever linked together as they are for his father, Joe Montana.  It was not quite as easy a decision for Nick as it was for Joe; however, since his older brother, Nate was currently a freshman there and he also played quarterback, so they would have been constantly competing to get playing time.  Nick said this did not bother him, but we all felt it had to have an impact on his decision.

Nick was the youngest of four children, and was well on his way to making a name for himself in high school football.  Of course, he was watched closely because of his father, but he had to earn his own recognition with many people thinking he was one of the top prospects, which is why he was offered fourteen scholarships.  He let everyone know he was considering others, but surprised those who knew him well when he chose the Washington Huskies. 

He has had a good year with the Huskies, but it is once again time to make a decision.  Will he stay where he is, or go to Notre Dame?  To give fans more hope was the news that his brother, Nate, transferred to Pasadena City College, so there is now no chance of a conflict over the quarterback position. 

Everything you read makes it sound like he is happy where he is and not considering a change.  You have to remember; however, that we are football fans and we do not give up.  Even when the score is thirty to zero and we are running out of time, we do not give up.     

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