The Long-snapper Liam McCullough: Commits To Buckeyes

The Long-snapper Liam McCullough: Commits To Buckeyes

Liam McCullough

Liam McCullough became a member of the Buckeyes' 2015 recruiting class. He has become the sixth member of the class and pledged his allegiance to Ohio State this afternoon. McCullough was ranked as second by the Chris Rubio long-snapping camps nationally.

McCullough, from Worthington Kilbourne, was believed to be the second specialist that was offered a scholarship by OSU after it was issued months ago by coach Urban Meyer. Bryce Haynes, the current OSU junior was the first to be offered such a scholarship. This day, McCullough picks OSU over Kentucky, Wisconsin and Michigan states. During his fifth grade, his pee-wee team required the service; hence, he started long-snapping back then.

Liam McCullough's reasons were that when you go to Ohio State, you become a family to the coaches and every player on the team. In addition, he also said that getting an education at Ohio State is phenomenal and he loves the atmosphere of the Ohio Stadium as well, saying it's one of the best in the country.

In his opinion, when you are part of the Ohio State football team, no matter if you're from 15 minutes or 15 hours away like himself, you are looked up to as a player. He also added that it's the greatest football program in the country today.

His selection process involved taking part of the summer specialists camp done in OSU and then joining a meeting with coach Urban Meyer as well as his parents. He was given an ample time to discuss things with his parents. After making their decision, he went back to Kerry Coombs, the special team's coordinator and Meyer telling them he had decided for Ohio State.

His plan is to be a pre-med major with interest in brain surgery and neurobiology, which is also a deciding factor in his decision. He wanted to be sure with no regrets at all that even if football was taken away of the school, the school is still the place for him.

His records are proof that he is quite good with football, as he was named the starter at Kilbourne during his freshman years, then was nationally renowned because of the Rubio camps.

The recruiting took over when he was ranked second in the country.

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