Oklahoma State Transfer PG Isaac Likekele

Oklahoma State Transfer PG Isaac Likekele


Athletes at the college level frequently transfer between institutions to take advantage of new sports contract opportunities. Although sports players regard their athleticism as an important element of their careers, this is made easier when their degrees transfer. Isaac Likekele (twitter), for example, is a seasoned basketball player who will now play for the Ohio State University. He was a state champion for his high school team in Texas before enrolling at Oklahoma State University in 2018.

Isaac Likekele is 22 years old and was born in the year 2000 in Charlotte, North Carolina. His most common position is that of a point guard, yet he is also capable of shooting and dribbling, as well as making three-point shots. In basketball, when teams have only five players on the court and each player must be competent in all roles, versatility is essential. Isaac is slender and powerful, weighing 215 pounds.

Isaac Likekele as a Recruit

A talented player is one who makes numerous successful shots in a competitive basketball game. Isaac Likekele averaged 18 points per game as a high school senior, with an average of 9 rebounds and 5 assists. This essentially indicates that he was used to attempting aggressive shots and that he failed a significant number of the shots he attempted. This average can be explained by his position as a point guard.

Oklahoma State

At the collegiate level, the competition was significantly tougher, and he had fewer opportunities to shoot every game. Either he took fewer shots because of his position, or the opposition teams' defense was far more capable than at the high school level. Due to his specialized job and freshman status, he averaged 8.7 assists per game as a freshman at Oklahoma State University, with less rebounds and assists than during his high school career.

It's worth noting that Isaac played more games during his freshman year than he did the following two years, with 32 games in 2018 and fewer games each year after that. It's unclear how this influenced his decision to attend Ohio State University. A rookie to college basketball may have more options, and switching teams may provide new opportunities to play and new fans to explore.

Isaac has a low block % per game. As a point guard, he assists in dribbling the ball across the floor, but he is less commonly involved in penetrating further into the opponents' court and blocking other players' shots. His chances of becoming a professional basketball player are still up in the air.

Ohio State 2022

The Buckeyes have thirteen players on their roster this year, including a small number of rookies and a high number of veterans. Ohio State University recruits players from all around the country, with just about a third of its players from from Ohio. Expect Ohio, as a large state, to continue scouting for talent in order to get an advantage over other major clubs.

Isaac Likekele is a BUCKEYE! Transfer G from Oklahoma state!

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