Going From GA at MSU to Assistant DBs Coach of Ohio State

Going From GA at MSU to Assistant DBs Coach of Ohio State

Gerren DuHart (twitter) has taken the next step in his coaching career, leaving Michigan State and joining Ohio State as their assistant defensive backs coach. Learn more about his journey!

Ohio State is proud to welcome former Michigan State assistant defensive backs coach Gerren DuHart as the new addition to their staff. After a successful run at Michigan State, DuHart joins the Buckeyes and is eager to take the next step in his coaching journey. Get all the details about how he got here!

DuHart MSU

What led Gerren DuHart to coaching?

DuHart was a successful college football player at Wayne State, where he played cornerback and was a team captain during his senior season. He started his final 40 games for the team and was recognized as one of the top players in the GLIAC conference, earning All-GLIAC first team honors in his senior year. His experience on the field led him to recognize the importance of good coaching, inspiring him to pursue it professionally.

DuHart's statistics during his college career also indicate that he was an effective player, with a high number of pass break-ups and passes defended. These are important statistics for a cornerback, as they suggest that he was skilled at disrupting opposing passing plays and preventing completions.

It's possible that DuHart's success as a player has contributed to his desire to continue working in football as a coach. Many former players find that coaching allows them to stay involved in the sport that they love and to help develop the next generation of players.

What experiences at Michigan State shaped him into the coach he is today?

DuHart has been working as an assistant coach in college football, specifically with a focus on coaching defensive backs. He spent the past two seasons with the Michigan State Spartans' coaching staff in this capacity, and before that, he was a graduate assistant at his alma mater, Wayne State, where he also helped with video production.

DuHart credits Michigan State with helping him grow as a coach. He learned the importance of building positive relationships with his players and applying motivational concepts to inspire them. He also broadened his personnel knowledge by working with experienced coaches who had expertise recruiting prospects from across the country. These experiences helped establish him as an astute talent evaluator and guided him in his pursuit of becoming a greater asset to any team he was a part of.

Coaching in college football can be a challenging and rewarding career, and it's common for coaches to work their way up the ranks by starting as graduate assistants or assistant coaches at smaller programs and then moving on to larger, more prominent programs over time.

How does he plan to use his experience in helping Ohio State reach their goals?

DuHart plans to apply his experience to help Ohio State achieve success. He emphasizes the importance of recruiting, developing relationships and building chemistry among the players of a team. In recruiting, he will focus on finding the right fit for Ohio State rather than just chasing star rankings or final numbers. He believes that developing strong relationships with recruits is essential in helping them find the best long-term home for their collegiate career. Finally, he wants to create an environment where each player can reach their maximum potential and have faith in its staff from day one.

What advice has he learned along the way and what would he tell young coaches coming up through the ranks?

DuHart emphasizes the importance of being a great communicator and creating strong relationships with people from all walks of life. He always takes time to listen to ideas and viewpoints from his colleagues, no matter the age or experience level. He also believes that attacking each day with enthusiasm is essential for success. DuHart would encourage young coaches to stay humble, work hard, and never be satisfied with the job they do; only then will they continue to grow personally and professionally.

How did Gerren Duhart make the transition from GA at MSU to Assistant DBs Coach of Ohio State?

DuHart made the transition by displaying a strong work ethic and passion for the game. He worked diligently to develop relationships with coaches and players, learn about the game, and understand how each position fits into the overall scheme. Throughout his career, he consistently worked hard to master both coaching fundamentals and football strategy. This combined with a great attitude, consistency in practice execution, and drive led to him being promoted from GA to Assistant DBs Coach at Ohio State.


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